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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic how-to for free postings     
More guidelines

How do I post a free posting?

The best way to post a free posting is to visit our home page and click on "Post a Free Classified". It's located on the left-hand side of the page near the top. Fill out our online form and proceed from there.

All postings are in self-service mode, which works like this:

1. you submit a posting.

2. you'll receive an email containing a link to an online form.

3. this form will allow you make last-minute changes and then publish your posting.

4. once published, your posting will appear on the site immediately

5. keep your email, because you can use the link later to return to this same form and edit the posting as many times as you like, and see the results take effect on the site instantly (make sure you reload/refresh your browser).

6. you can also use this form to delete your posting at any time.

All postings remain on our site for 60 days.

How can I edit my posting?

Edits for postings are self-service. Use the link provided in the same self-posting email you used originally to self-post.

Note: Editing your post will not bring it up to the current date. You'll need to post a new listing to bring it to the top of the list (please, no more then twice a week).

How long does my posting stay on the site?

All posts stay on the site for 60 days.

How can I delete my posting?

Deletions are self-service. Use the link provided in the same self-posting email you used originally to self-post.

Please note, all postings are automatically deleted upon expiration.

How do I repost my posting?

You'll need to submit a new posting. We CAN NOT repost a free listing for you.

How often can I post?

We ask that posters not abuse their free posting privileges by posting excessively, like submitting an ad in too many categories or posting more than once in the same category every day or two. This is pretty subjective, and depending on the posting, we may get flexible in a way that doesn't seem consistent. For example, multiple resume postings may be tolerated whereas multiple community category postings may be handled differently.

How can I post anonymously and still receive responses?

When submitting a posting, you are asked to provide your email address.

We've provided three options for you under this field:

  1. Your email address appears in your posting just as you have typed it.
  2. We anonymize your email address. We relay responses to your actual email address.
  3. No email address is shown at all - you'll need to provide contact information in the description of your post.

Selecting the last two options will guarantee anonymity, but only the second option allows you to receive emails.

I have not received the email to publish my free posting, what should I do?

If you have successfully submitted your posting, but have not received the email to self-publish your post:

I published my posting but I don't see it on the list?

To see your posting you must go to the category where you posted it and REFRESH or RELOAD your browser. The refresh/reload option is usually located along the top of your browser. If you do not see it there, try clicking the right button on your mouse. If you do not refresh/reload, you are not seeing the most current version of the page and you will not see your posting.

Can I add a picture to my posting?

Yes! You can now upload up to 6 images to be included in your post. Simply create your post. Once you click the link supplied in your confirmation email you will be provided with a form to add and delete photos:

Navigate to the location of the photo on your computer, type a caption for the photo and click 'Upload'.

Can I add HTML tags or URLs in my posting?

We do not currently support HTML or convert URLs automatically. However you may attempt to use some HTML and get an idea of what your post will look like on the preview page. For example you may create a link manually such as:

<a href=></a>

Note: Do not include quotes in your tag.

What is "flag for review?"

Postings have a box which says "flag for review by staff".

If you see a problem with a posting, choose a reason why the posting needs reviewing under reason for review (miscategorized, spam, abuse), and click "submit for review." After you submit your request, we'll review the posting to see if it runs afoul of our policies... we can't promise to act on every one, but we will look at every flagged posting.

As always, please use this responsibly and in good faith.

What kind of postings do you not accept

Our policies prohibit the following types of listings on our site:

Posting of any franchise, pyramid scheme, multi-level marketing, "club membership", distributorship or sales representative agency arrangement or other business opportunity which requires an up front or periodic payment, requires recruitment of other members, sub-distributors or sub-agents, or pays commissions only (except for postings that make clear that the available job pays commission only and clearly describes the product or service that the job seeker would be selling, in which case such postings may be permissible).

Soliciting illegal activity either implicitly or explicitly on is prohibited.

What should I do if someone harasses me by posting a prank posting?

If you suspect that you are the target of a posting prank, please call us immediately and ask to have the posting removed. Please have ready the posting title, category, and email address (if available).

We take cases of abuse and pranking very seriously and will work with folks in helping them understand some of their legal options moving forward.

I saw a posting that sucked, and I want to say something about it - can I?

We don't support what amounts to discussions in our posting categories. We consider a discussion posting as any announcement or statement that either unconstructively responds to a previous posting or invites an undirected open response. This is mostly because it generates all sorts of flaming, some directed at us, and causes lots of stress for the people processing postings. If you feel the need to give your opinion please respond to the poster directly rather than publicly.

I saw this great posting 6 months ago & would like to see it again. Can I?

Unfortunately, we don't archive postings here.

Where can I advertise my services/business on

You are welcome to post in the "small biz ads" category if you have 1099 tax status. Commercial posts outside of these categories will be removed.

Can I repost ads on as part of a for-profit Web operation?

For example, if I run a fee-based service which gets stuff posted on multiple websites, can I also send those postings to

We don't normally allow that, since we feel that's contrary to our idea of community spirit, based on a lot of feedback. People are antsy about any kind of for-profit postings, particularly in housing.

Can I put a link in my for sale or tickets available posting to an auction site like ebay? is not an auction site and we would really appreciate it if you could help us keep it that way. If you have something for sale, or even a place for rent, please post a set price. Please do not scalp tickets on Thanks for your help with this!

Can I scalp my tickets on

We view ticket-scalping as a disservice to the community and an abuse of Please flag instances of ticket-scalping for review. We encourage those posting tickets to include a link or other means for people to verify the face-value ticket price.