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Update: We've expanded to more cities and moved to

In January of 1999 I moved from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA. Upon arrival I found myself in a bind. The vacancy in the city was around one or two percent and the competition was intensely fierce for a place to live. In the search for place to lay my head I quickly discovered The familiarity of San Franciscan's to this site is incredible. Any politician would give his/her right arm for this kind of name recognition. Essentially if you ever need to sell, rent, buy, announce, meet people, or speak your mind in the bay area, is the place to do it.

In the summer of 2002 I returned to Raleigh, NC and worked tirelessly on my first tan in four years. After successfully lowering my blood pressure, visiting with family, and enjoying some adult beverages whilst burying my feet in the sands of Wrightsville Beach, I decided it was time to code. It was time for the Triangle to have it's own craigslist.

My hope is to build up that "give away your right arm" kind of name recognition for this site but it's going to take time to round up a user base and make this site useful. I'm hoping to recruit some local PR firms and media to help get the word out. So please, use this site freely and liberally. Need to sell your car? Why not post a classified here? It's free. It's SPAM free. There are no annoying ads of any kind. Your email will never be sold or given away (except in case of subpoena) and your personal information is deleted forever after your post expires. Oh, and you'll never receive one annoying email from us trying to sell you something. We'll only send you automated emails when you register so that we may confirm your email address.

One last comment is that I'm funding this from my personal change jar. If anyone would like to help out in anyway (hosting, PR, backups, sys admin stuff, moderating posts, finding bugs, SEO, legal disclaimers for the site) I would be very excited. Ruby on Rails developers with experience are needed.

Thanks for coming here,
Tony Spencer

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